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Welcome on the website of Another Russian Invader. We are a Dutch tractorpulling team with a setup that’s unique in the world.

We are preparing a Russian Transmash V12 engine to run on methanol. Usually these engines run on diesel of course and a few teams have pullers like that already. We are converting the engine to run on methanol and are planning to use a 46 liter Zvezda superchager to get as much HP from the engine as possible.

(Update 19/1/2014)

We would like to add to this now dated post. The above mentioned Zvezda superchager was fitted and let us down on numerous occasions. After altering and fixing the problematic part several times, we are busy at the moment ( see date above), fitting turbos to the engine and have now removed the supercharger. The engine is receiving a major rebuild and hopefully “fingers crossed”, will be performing better than ever, due to the alterations in 2015.

Please follow the work on engine, frame and all other stuff that’s involved in building a one-of-a kind puller on this website.