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The teams foundation stone was laid in the previous century, although that sounds a lot longer ago then it was is reality. Henk visited one of the first tractorpulling events in 1979 on the premises of what was then called the Flevohof. From that moment on he was infected with the tractorpulling virus.

Besides his job as a carpenter and full restauration projects of a Ford Dexta (tractor), Fiat 500 (car) and Fiat 238 (camper) he joins the Beverol Eager Beaver team from Putten where he helps maintain the tractor for 17 years as a mechanic and later on also as a driver in the 4,5 tons class.

Throughout the years Henk visited many events with the Beverol Eager Beaver team both in the Netherlands and in the rest of Western Europe. His wife Corry and his children joined him on many of these events and this way the tractorpulling virus got to them as well.

Because of that it’s not very strange that his son Herman, who has been amongst these giant machines since he was in diapers, followed in his footsteps. After practicing with Lego (building blocks) for a few years he got into micropulling, where he became a Dutch champion in 2006. Besides his work for the NMPO he worked as a mechanic on a gardenpuller during this time.

Meanwhile Henk had left the Beverol Eager Beaver team, but couldn’t get the adrenaline rush of the pulling giants out of his system. At the same time Herman had finished his training and had started working as an engine revision engineer. Together they decided to build a modified puller themselves.

After giving it a lot of thought they decided to purchase a 6 cylinder and a 12 cylinder engine, both Transmash. This brand is relatively new to tractorpulling and still affordable. There are a few teams using these engines yet, but none of them have been ajusted for the use of methanol. As we speak the team is busy getting the puller up ‘n’ running.