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Henk “The Woodmaker” Staal

Build in: 1959

Team function: Owner, mechanic, driver

Remarks: 17 Years of tractorpulling experience, carpenter at Vos & Teeuwissen in Huizen


Herman “Ham” Staal

Build in: 1986

Team function: Owner, mechanic, driver

Remarks: Former Dutch Micropulling champion, engineer at Peters Motorenrevisie in Epse


Johan Bunt

Build in: 1970

Team function: Mechanic

Remarks: Milking specialist at Schipper FarmTech in Putten


Arno Pater

Build in: …

Team function: Mechanic

Remarks: Works at Bakker Bedrijfswagen Groep and Bakker Bedrijfswagens Barneveld



That means everyone not mentioned above that has made his or her contribution in some way. Either by providing us with food and drinks, by giving advice (good, bad, unasked for), by listening to us, thinking with us, lending us a hand, or by just being a fan…