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Technical Details

Engine : Transmash V12
Specifications : 38,88 liter, 48 valves, 4 camshafts, 24 spark plugs
Bore – Stake : 150 mm – 186,6 mm
Origin : Russian tank / industral engine
Supercharger : V12 N-400 series from a Zvezda V12 boat engine
( Update- as of January 2015, this supercharger is being replaced by turbos. We will be making further updates as to the technical specifications.)
Clutch : 4 plate own construction with 11 inch diameter
Ignition : MSD Dual 8
Fuel : Methanol
Estimated power : 3000pk +
Transmission : Own construction reverser
Rear axle : Own construction with Rockwell and Daf components
Wheelspeed : 100 km/h
Rear tires : Firestone 30,5×32 48 kams 8ply

Characteristics : This, originally a diesel fuelled engine, has been modified at our base to run on methanol. A centrifugal compressor has been added to deliver extra power. For weight reasons the original drive system for the camshafts has been removed and replaced by a belt. For the same reasons the water jacket has been removed and the engine has been made shorter by 15 cm.